Alumni Quotes

“Martha Guy has created an opportunity that fosters the development of future business professionals, and is an unparalleled experience throughout the NC education system.”

– John Granzow (2009 Cohort)

“MGSI taught us the value of connections, leadership, and education in the world of business. MGSI has remained in our lives over the years through great friendships that will stay with us for a lifetime.”

– Liz Hartman, Sam Utesch, and Grant Jared (2010 Cohort)

“Martha Guy helped me build so many relationships that have made my time at Appalachian amazing!”

– Meredith Jonkers (2011 Cohort)

“MGSI pushed me out of my comfort zone, taught me many important life lessons, and blessed me with memories that will last a lifetime.”

– Vance Langdon (2012 Cohort)

“The Martha Guy Summer Institute gave me 27 lifelong friends and allowed me the chance to learn more about myself, Appalachian, and the Walker College of Business! My happiest moments are when I get a text or call from an MGSI-er!”

– Emily Haas (2014 Program Leader)

"I am pleased to say that the three weeksI spent at APP for Martha Guy were the best three weeks of my life."

- Lauren Frazier (2017 Cohort)