Frequently Asked Questions

download_3.pngWhat kind of student should apply?

We attempt to select a wide variety of students each year. First and foremost, students should have a sincere desire to learn about business and the intent to study business as a college major. Strong academic achievement with evidence of community and/or school involvement and leadership potential are prerequisites.

What will we learn?

A lot! The program curriculum and sessions, as well as interactions with speakers, business leaders and alumni, provide an overview of most business disciplines and majors, as well as exposure to various career opportunities. You will gain a sense of where your business interests lie and what personality and leadership traits you possess. You will also learn about entrepreneurship and the components of a business plan by developing and presenting an abbreviated plan in small groups.

What is a typical day? MGSIers gain valuable exposure and life skills throughout the program, as well.

There is not a typical day, but they are all busy. Whether in a class or playing a pick-up game during free time, you are usually doing something. We usually start with breakfast around 8 a.m. and conclude with a group meeting between 10-11 p.m. After a little down time, it’s time for sleep to gear up for another great day. We are very intentional in providing a variety of structure and activity each day.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes! One roommate is assigned while you are on campus in a traditional two-person room. If travel is included, you may have a different roommate if overnight travel is part of the program.  Often times, MGSI alums end up rooming together when they begin their college career!

Do we fly or drive when we travel?

When there is travel, we travel by university vans driven by your certified program leaders. 

What do we do during travel opportunities?

The time travelling is usually focused on experiential business visits to companies/organizations.  If overnight travel is included, there may be free time or planned activities outside of business hours.  It’s all unforgettable!

What kind of rules and curfews do we have?

MGSI provides a balance between structure and free time; a sample schedule is provided on the website. There are curfews each night, and rules are in place to provide a fun, safe and productive environment. There are four MGSI Program Leaders, who provide valuable structure and have a blast with everyone throughout the program. As the saying goes – we work hard and play hard!

What are the advantages of participating in MGSI?

Many. Most summer programs have more than 100 participants. MGSI is small and personal with only 24 participants. Lifelong friendships develop each year. Participants are also exposed to a college campus and have the opportunity to learn about college life. The focus is business, but participants learn much more!.....leadership, team building, etc. 

What is the cost of the Martha Guy Summer Institute?

The 2020 MGSI program has been restructured to be more inclusive.  We have reduced the total cost of attending by 40% !  The 2020 Martha Guy Summer Institute will be a two week program on Appalachian State's Campus with Tuition of $1000 and Meal Plan of $350.  This brings the total cost of the program to $1350 (down from $2250 in 2019).  We hope that this change will open up this great experience to many more students.  Need based scholarships are still available.